Biodiesel production

Neutral Fuels converts used cooking oil into biodiesel, a sustainable replacement for fossil diesel that significantly reduces carbon emissions and makes environmental sustainability a commercial proposition.

When we entered the biodiesel industry in 2009 we found that it lacked straightforward working systems and had become too cumbersome to operate without government subsidies, creating price distortions that make sustainable fuel unviable. What’s more, few had mastered the most difficult aspect of biofuel production: a consistent feedstock supply to ensure the continuous processing of a consistently high quality end product.

Taking the customer as our starting point, we constructed clean, efficient working systems that would enable us to offer higher quality, higher yielding biodiesel produced at a profit and without subsidies.

Processing millions of liters of used cooking oil into biodiesel per annum, we symbolize the difference between fossil fuel and biofuel. Fossil fuel comes from ancient sources deep in the earth. Getting it out, processing it and using it is a destructive process. By contrast, there is nothing destructive about biofuel. It is fresh, modern, clean and sustainable. And while we don’t recommend it, you can even take a sip of our biodiesel without doing yourself any harm.

Neutral Fuels is headquartered in Dubai for easy access to the APMEA region (Asia
Pacific/Middle East/Africa), where we are currently deploying new biorefineries. Neutral Fuels is the first licensed biorefinery in the UAE.

Neutral Fuels sells biodiesel to companies that have their own vehicle fleets. Please contact us directly: