Dnata Freight Dubai

Dnata Cargo, part of the Emirates Group
FreightGate-5, Dubai airport, United Arab Emirates, a 13,000 m2 facility built in 2007

Demonstrating Warehouse Energy

Reduction for Dubai’s Department of Economic Development
Implementation of warehouse energy reduction for the Government of Dubai, achieving 100%* neutrality. Technologies included lighting replacement, installation of remote energy monitoring, light-pipe and solar-powered floodlights.

Dubai warehouse

Employee Engagement Program

Employees challenged to generate and implement energy reduction measures and trained how to monitor results.

Direct Benefits:-

Net savings of US$41K (AED 149K) p.a.
by upgrading lighting systems and
reducing electricity usage in operations

Indirect Benefits:-

  • Longer life of warehouse light bulbs significantly reducing maintenance needs
  • Use of forklift truck ‘eco-modes’ saving power and improving warehouse safety

100 percent neutral warehouse

*36% neutrality supplemented by the purchase of 64% worth of carbon credits