Neutral Fuels wins second Golden Shield

For the second consecutive year Neutral Fuels has been awarded the Golden Shield in Sustainability and a Certificate of Excellence from the Arab Organisation for Social Responsibility.

Karl Feilder, CEO and Chairman of Neutral Fuels, said, “Last year when we won the Golden Shield for the first time I felt more pride and humility than any other accolade I’ve ever received. This year I feel even prouder because this second award demonstrates that others really understand that our sustainability mission is itself sustainable.

As for humility, Feilder had always said that although he looks and behaves like a businessman he is a climate activist who just wants to save the planet. “I loved this year’s awards ceremony because I spent the evening sharing “save the planet” stories with other organisations and governments that, like ourselves, are really making a difference to the health of the planet and future of our children.”

Neutral Fuels has converted millions litres of used vegetable cooking oil into biodiesel and is well on its way to achieving the 6 million litre milestone this year.

“Nothing says commercial viability louder than this figure,” said Feilder. “It proves that biodiesel usage is on the increase in Dubai. This award is as much for our customers as it is for us. They are helping to put the UAE at the forefront of creating sustainable, modern and clean cities.”

Using biodiesel made from used cooking oil reduces the creation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by over 95% compared to petro-diesel. Moving to clean biodiesel means less CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere, which is a significant step towards our vision of creating a sustainable future for our children’s children.

Biodiesel’s additional proven environmental credentials include:

  • Halving the poisonous carbon monoxide emissions from exhaust pipes
  • Reducing smog and halving carbon particle emissions
  • Bringing better air quality to Dubai
  • Reducing wear and tear on engines due to superior lubricity compared to low sulphur petro-diesel.

McDonald’s UAE hits five million KM milestone using Neutral Fuels biodiesel

Dubai – 15 December 2015: “This milestone demonstrates long-term innovation in action and proves beyond a doubt that running vehicles on 100% biofuel is safe, logical and sustainable. We have innovated a highly efficient method of converting used cooking oil to biodiesel. As McDonald’s has shown, using biodiesel is so easy and sustainable that anybody could be running their diesel vehicles on this clean fuel. The UAE should be very proud of hosting the first truck fleet in the world to achieve 5 million km on pure biofuels,” Karl W. Feilder, Chairman and CEO.