Site assessment and energy reduction

Neutral Consulting takes a consultancy led approach to measuring site energy efficiency and carbon footprint. Through the Carbon Action Plan reduction opportunities are identified, prioritized via business cases and then implemented.

What is a Carbon Action Plan (CAP) ?

A Carbon Action Plan (CAP) is a detailed plan of how to take an operation to energy efficient carbon-neutral status and includes both immediate actions and a long-term strategic plan. Based on detailed on-site analysis of a business operation’s carbon impact and energy efficiency, its output includes:

  • A high-level plan with specific projects to reduce energy consumption and CO2e emissions
  • The potential to achieve carbon neutrality
  • Opportunities for reducing operational costs
  • Implementation costs, payback periods and expected rates of return

site assessment and energy reduction

Underpinned by sustainable engineering experience, the CAP report emphasizes site-based improvements using proven, sustainable technologies that reduce emissions and improve efficiencies in the supply chain. Its recommendations cover transport, property, and operations, with financial metrics and measurable cost reductions over a project life-cycle. Where improvements have already been made by operational teams, a CAP takes the business operation to the next level.

How does the CAP make a difference?

Knowledge – A CAP will tell you the current carbon footprint and energy efficiency of your operation, set a target for reducing the footprint for a particular site, and explain the implications.

Cost-effectiveness – A CAP will reveal the full range of possible actions and outline the most cost-effective approach for each, helping you decide which steps to take in order to effect, for example, energy-bill savings of by up to 40%.

Risk minimization – A CAP has the benefit of The Neutral Group’s broad experience and scale, enabling delivery of a plan that can be backed up with full implementation support, including financial options.